Bovey Primary PTA Social Media Policy

Would all users of our Facebook and Twitter pages and any other PTA Social Media tools, please read and abide by our Policy below.

Social Media Policy

The Bovey Tracey Primary School PTA Facebook and Twitter pages are open to all parents and staff of Bovey Tracey Primary School. It is to be used for publicising and discussing fundraising, social and community events/meetings connected to the School. Please use the page in a positive manner.

It is a moderated page and the PTA reserves the right to remove any posting or content.

If you wish to use the Facebook page please follow these do's and don'ts in order to use this resource correctly:

Please do the following:

- Use good judgment - Regardless of your privacy settings, assume that all of the information you have shared on your facebook is public information.

- Be respectful - You cannot see a smile or understand nuances of speech on social media. Please keep the tone of discussion positive and respectful.

- Be responsible and ethical - Unless you are specifically authorised to speak on behalf of the school as a spokesperson, you should state that the views expressed in your postings, etc. are your own. Any issue or concerns you have with the school should be raised directly

- Correct any mistakes- Be sure to correct any mistake you make immediately, and make it clear what you?ve done to fix it.

Don't share the following:

- Confidential information - If it seems confidential, it probably is. Online 'conversations' are never private.

- Private and personal information - To ensure your safety, be careful about the type and amount of personal information you provide. Avoid talking about personal schedules or situations. NEVER give out or transmit personal information of students, parents, or colleagues. Always respect the privacy of the school community members.

- Images / Photos taken at PTA events may be used by the PTA committee to highlight activities. Any requests to remove images of your child will be complied with immediately. Any photos used by the PTA will not include students names. Please do add/post pictures of students without the expressed consent of their parents. Do not tag pictures with names.

- Other sites - Link to other sites may provide useful and interesting content. Don't blindly repost a link without looking at the content first you never know what could be there!

- Advertise - Adverts in relation to private businesses or social enterprises, even if related to fundraising schemes, posted without the express written permission of the PTA Committee will be removed. Don't repost links of this kind.

Posts will be removed if they:

- are personal attacks (posts deemed libellous, profane, defamatory, disparaging, hateful, harassing, threatening, or obscene)

- break the law

- are fraudulent, deceptive or misleading

- are advertising a product, business, literature or event not directly related to the PTAs own activities.